Saturday 16 January 2016

Northeastern Scale Model Products - Dairy Barn

An overhead view of a my finished version of Northeastern Scale Model Products dairy barn.
The Dairy Barn
I already have one of these barns on the WRD, but found one this fall at a train show for five bucks. It had an awful roof, and badly glued on clear plastic on top of the window frames from the outside. I purchased it to practice my weathering techniques. It turned out pretty good I think...this one might make it to the Sunday's train show also. Not sure if you are aware but this Northeastern Scale Model Products (the company that make kits located out west) is closing it's doors at the end of if you are looking for this barn you might want to order it soon. Northeastern Scale Lumber in Mass. is not affected...George Dutka

The barn was well built but had this ugly looking roof and the window glazing was a mess that needed to be removed.

The glazing is removed from the windows although a bit of damage was done...the powders will hide most of this. The roofing was made from masking tape which will get a coat of BBQ black spray paint. I use this on a lot of home projects such as outdoor tables, chairs and iron fences. I find it works for a nice even black coat in modeling.

Hunterline weathering mix is applied to all surfaces.

The walls got a coat of Bragdon antique iron (which has a red look to it) with highlights done with soot and PanPastel white streaks and highlights. All the white trim got a touch of white also using a micro brush.

I added some details such as Juneco milk cans and sacks and a F&C barrel.
The black roof got a coating of Bragdon soot and dark rust to blend it all in. I think a darker roof looks really good on this type of red barn. The one next to my White River Jct. yard is gray which also looks good.

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