Sunday 24 January 2016

CN Juneco Kit

Juneco kits once came in orange boxes now they are in plastic packages still including some orange packaging. Some of the metal details I will use to build my CV caboose are seen here.
Last weekend while helping Peter at a local WOD - NMRA train show I took a closer look at a CN  Juneco caboose kit he keeps in stock. At one time other than brass this was the way to go if you wanted a fleet of CNR cabooses. I did build one back in the 1980's. Since then I used some of the detail parts offered by Juneco for CV kitbashes. One detail that is hard to come up with are the end steps for the CV caboose. Sylvan Scale Models once offered brass etched steps and if you are lucky you may still find a set at a flea market. I realized the CNR Juneco caboose kits come with the CN-CV version of these steps as seen on Bob's model. If you take into consideration the end handrails, smoke stack, battery box and markers can also be used in a CV kitbash the $14.50 Candian price is not all that bad for the details. Better if you are from the US with the low Canadian dollar...your cost is well under $10. I will fill you in on my next CV kit-bash once underway...George Dutka

The caboose on the right is the Juneco kit model.

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