Friday 15 January 2016

Cleaning up an Old Garage

I added a lot of little details or so called junk to the roof and sides for more interest. This kind of garage would never pass my wife's inspection. There is a pot belly stove inside so a new stack was added.
I have a few structures that I really don't need. On Sunday I am helping Peter out at his table at our local WOD (NMRA) train meet. He usually lets me bring something to sell...well this year it will be some structures. This one is the garage that was with a cabin on my causeway drop in module. It is made from two walls from an old plastic garage kit, while the roof and rear wall was changed out with picture matt border board. Back then I just sprayed everything black and brown. Thought I would do a face lift before I sell it. It probably was only worth a couple of bucks but now with the extra details who knows what I might get...George Dutka

The roof was given some Bragdon soot and dark rust. The walls got a coat of dark rust which looks more brown when applied over a dark brown. The white staining dust is white PanPastels.

Some broken boards, a skid, and Tichy Train barrel covers are included in this scene. The signs are from the many kits I have built over the years. I usually colour photocopy the sheets for future use.

A Juneco milk can and a Jordan Model wheel are holding the door open. The broom inside was highlighted with PanPastels. This is molded onto the structure.

All the details seen on all four sides are actually attached to the garage as the base is cardboard and temporary.

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