Saturday 30 January 2016

More - B&M Detail West Boxcars

A group of 4 cars from this series is seen here or 40% of the B&M fleet. Peter's model is seen first up followed by me current transformation.
Since my February 3, 2013 post on the B&M Detail West 50' plug door boxcars I acquired an additional finished model. Peter has one also in storage which he pulled out and assembled. Mine was finished with all ladders shortened. I could not find any photos in this small series of 10 cars with the hand brake and ladder lowered, so I modeled mine with the brake wheel and ladders as delivered, up high. The other ladders are cut down low in a rebuild prior to coming over to the B&M. Peter did cut down all his ladders as many other car style are. The photo captions tell the rest of the story...George Dutka

Peter used a good dose of PanPastels on his model. In these kits the shells come factory painted. He also changed out the number so it falls into our small fleet, no. 156.

My car got a bit less weathering which was done using Bragdon Powders and some white PanPastels for lettering streaks. My model had all the ladders shortened and brake wheel moved down.  I removed and replace the brake wheel and ladders needed to get up was seen in my photos.

The kit came numbered 154 or the same as my other car. I scraped away parts of the four till it looked like a one. Here we see the car before I detailed the roofing (which I will cover in my next post) and adding Bragdon Powders.
B&M blue en route on the WRD.

Although these two particular cars are not the same as the plug door cars Peter and I modeled, one can see 50' B&M cars did find there way to St. Johnsbury, Vt. This May 1975 photo was taken by Ellis Simon and used with his permission...thanks Ellis. I will be doing a post on additional B&M blue boxcars shortly.


  1. Keep going on, fantastic layout! By the way, they are not from Detail Associates but more like from Details West that are part or Athearn trains now.

    1. Thanks Marc, don't know what I was thinking at the time...changed the title...had to check back to the original post to see if I got it correct...all was well there...George