Sunday 17 January 2016

My Old Farm House

This Sylvan Scale Models kit was a stand in farm house for many years on the WRD. A much more prototype structure has taken its place.
Here we have my old farm house that has been changed out last year for a Mount Blue laser kit. I originally got this Ontario home offered once by Sylvan Scale Models and built by my friend Bob Hannah. I did add shutters and squared off some of the window trim to give it a less Victorian look.  The photo captions tell the rest of the story...George Dutka

When redoing the scene I had one leftover apple tree which I decided to add to the scene. I also modeled a stump as a second tree which had been chopped down.
An overhead view shows my old model on a Gatorfoam base. This model can easily be dropped into any layout scene.

The front door has some fall pumpkins and flowers in display. The milk can is by Juneco. The fence is out of my leftover box painted black with some Panpastel white powders.

The back wall is a mess. One can find barrels, tires, old newspapers, boards and signs. The garbage can is full since the lid if lifting up. A couple boxes and baskets of apples are also at the door. Most of the details are Juneco castings.

Another look out back shows some apples down on the ground under the tree. The roof got Bragdon soot weathering while the walls got a brushing of PanPastel white. The shutter got some green chalk and Bragdon green to brighten it up a bit.

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