Saturday 23 January 2016

Wooden Cabooses - CN

An overhead view of three CN caboose's on the WRD or as Peter calls this, "the drone" shot showing the group of cars featured in this
CN Wood Cabooses in the WRJ Yard
Commentary by Peter Mumby...........Photos by George Dutka.

CN cabooses often show up on the tail end of WRD trains; check, for example, the post of Dec. 19, 2014 featuring our anniversary woodchip train.  The next day George posted examples of more modern CN Hawker-Siddeley vans.  This time we will concentrate on wood-sided cabooses wearing both the noodle and earlier leaf emblems.  Featured are George's contemporary True Line Trains model, Bob Hannah's van built from a Juneco kit, and Peter's unit constructed from a vintage kit by Custom Trains of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  These cars cover a span of about 35 years,  illustrating a bit of our modelling history and the history of the hobby itself.

In this view we see Bob's Juneco model.  This kit is still available today.  George recently acquired a current copy of this kit and plans to use the metal end platform castings for an upcoming project.

Here we see a close-up of Peter's Custom Trains model.

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