Thursday 14 January 2016

B&M Blue on the WRD

Peter's model was numbered the same as one found in a Model Railroading article. He used this photo to add some PanPastel powders similar to that found on the prototype. B&M #311 is actually resting on a photo of the prototype #311.
B&M GP40-2
Series No. 300-317
Late last year Peter showed up at one of our work day Monday's with a B&M GP40-2 that he had picked up at one of our local train shows. He thought it was just another engine missing a few parts. When he got home to his surprise it turned out to have DCC and sound. Peter added the side mount bell and a new horn. Using an article in Nov. 1993 Model Railroading he used PanPastels to weather the engine to represent what he saw in the article. Peter and I used the GP40-2 for a few photos that day before deciding to leave it with me on lease to the WRD...for future photos and for operating fun during the summer months when the layout era changes. The engine just appeared in last weeks Wordless Wednesday.

This past week I cleaned the wheels so it now runs smooth and took the weathering a bit further as seen in the photos...captions tell the rest of the story...George Dutka

The brake shoes I applied some Bragdon rust powder to emulate the looks of  prototype brake shoes. The piston on engines brake cylinders are a clean looking metallic on most engines. I used Floquil Old Silver on this models.

I touched up the ends of the MU hoses with Floquil old silver. Some paint was missing on the handrails which got a bit of Floquil light blue.

 B&M acquired 18 GP40-2 #300-317 in December 1977. On the WRD there still is one in service on a limited loan agreement as seen below.


  1. Like the rust on the brake shoes and clean area on brake cylinders, excellent easy to do detail, will have to remember that! Thanks for sharing.
    Joe Smith

  2. Your welcome Joe...always nice to learn something new...George