Monday 18 January 2016

My Work Bench Five Year Ago

Looks like my B&M RDC was getting a DCC chip in it while I worked on my CV caboose. I see a B&M combine in the background along with a milk car. A quick weathering is being added to a flea market find. Guess that was the year I detailed my On30" Forney. Also noticed my WRJ coal tower was not yet completed, it can be seen to the right.
January 2011
I was going through some of my older photos the other day when I came across this view of my work bench back in Jan 2011...or five years ago. Interesting to look back at what I was working on and how I was seeing them. Those are my 1x cheater glasses, now I use 2 1/2x...seems like I had a lot of projects on the go that winter...George Dutka

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