Thursday 7 January 2016

D&H Pulpwood Cars

Two more pulpwood cars are ready to roll.
Back on August 18, 2015 I posted about my Atlas General Steel Castings pulpwood cars. I finally got my two D&H cars into service for my 1960's fleet. The cars come with a nice load but when I removed it to do some weathering I thought these two cars looked a lot better without a load. The flooring is well detailed and the load marking on the walls are nice to see. I added some scraps that would find its way onto the floor...George Dutka

Once the handhold...which are many are applied I airbrushed the cars with Floquil grimy black and added some powdered weathering.

Not only would these car collect scraps from pulpwood but junk from the yard that the train crews would pick up off the yard leads and thrown onto the easiest car passing by. There is nothing worse than tripping over boards and so on while walking the leads and yard tracks in the dark. Most crews when finding something they could trip over moved it either between the rails or onto a nearby car.

Once the Bragdon powders are applied I added some junk to add a bit of interest to the empty cars. Mostly bits of wood that would be leftover from unloading with a couple of scrap planks and wire.

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