Sunday 3 January 2016

Engine House Scene Comes Together

Some of the scenery is done. The three structures used, water tower, salvage shed and shed are all Bar Mills kits. Ties are down for the lead but rails need to be installed.
Over the holidays I have been working on the scenery around the engine house scene in Westboro. None of this actually existed in Westboro but with a very small add-on area (21" by 21") I put Don Janes New England engine house to good use and also add my finished mini scene structures to boot...think it is working out well....George Dutka

The drop in modules are in place, plaster-cloth is painted a base coat and scenery is ready to go. The engine house is a lift off structure with a separate base which can be seen installed. Don built the base, I just screwed it down in place.

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