Monday, 3 May 2021

Snapshot - May 2021

CN 439 WB to Windsor departs London yard. May 1, 2021

For this months Snapshot it is the first day of May and a Saturday railfan. I headed out really early, 830 which is early for me these days. I could hear a train blowing as I pulled out of the driveway...I am less than 10 minutes to the tracks. One train missed. When I got near the CN-CP tracks which run near each other east of Komoka  and just outside of London I  could hear a CP WB calling the approach to Lobo Siding on the scanner. I guess CP is running really early as I normally see this train around 10-11am. Another miss. I actually saw the the tail end go over the crossing were I was going to setup for the morning. I really did not have a long morning which is why I headed out early, I had a commitment for around the time the  two VIA passenger trains were due here. As it turned out it was not a productive morning for me, something I run into at times.

I decided to headed back out about noon but this time to the CN rail yard. I got lucky here as I caught CN 439 WB pulling out of the yard which runs three times a week to Windsor, Ont. I could hear that CN 402 a new train out of Sarnia was about to pull through the yard with a 60 car setoff. This train normally arrives in London about 9am but was running late. As it turned out a set of light power arrived from the west and into the shop track. I missed this as I had already headed up to the east end of the yard to catch 402. I did get back to the shop track for a look. So as it turned out an interesting afternoon which made up for a poor morning trackside...George Dutka

CN 439 May 1, 2021

CN power that arrived while I headed to the other end of the yard on the shop track.

CN 402 doubling 60 cars into the London yard. I was up on the Hale St. overpass for this view.

CN 402 had setoff the London traffic which filled the two longest tracks in the yard. The train will leave shortly with only a hand full of cars. May 1, 2021


  1. Real nice pictures George. I like that you've included the surroundings in them. Puts the trains into a sort of visual context.