Friday 23 March 2018

Another Before and After

The finished model that will find a home on my display shelf for now.
I purchased a box of finished scratch built models that are built well but the finishing needed a bit of work. I originally only wanted one building from the box but came home with all 5 as the gentleman wanted them all gone and the price reflected that. I decided to clean them up a bit and sell the unwanted ones at the next show. As it turned out I like how most have turned out and only have one to sell at the moment. Here is a look at one I am keeping...George Dutka

This building originally was for an HOn3 layout. I re-coloured it using PanPastels and Bragdon powders. It is a nice looking building even without a clean up.
Another look at the structure fresh out of the box.
Some details are added to the platform. The walls are coloured with PanPastels while I used various shades of Bragdon rust on the roofing.
I added a bit of flooring inside the doorway and some details are included. One of the windows is boarded up since it was broken. The wall shoot is made from a straw.
I don't have a use for this structure but I really like how the roof turned out and have decided to keep it for now.

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