Friday 9 March 2018

Via 40

With CN 3049 E passing on track two, Via 907 heads west with train 655 in tow.  Next stop, Port Hope!
 By Peter Mumby

Last Saturday, March 03, found me headed for the Cobourg Train Show.  With twenty minutes to spare, I headed to the local Via station, where I lucked into three trains.  The two passenger trains provided me with my first look at this year's Via 40 branding.

Last year, a number of locomotives and cars were wrapped in special colours and graphics to commemorate Canada 150.  (For a quick review, check out the July 01/2017 post entitled "Canada (150) Day, 2017").  Presumably the result of good planning, Via has been able to cleverly adapt last year's wraps to incorporate this year's 40th anniversary image.  The basic colours and large yellow stylized Via graphic remain;  gone are the city names and the red rectangular 150 logo.  Added to the equipment is a circular red Via 40 marking.  The overall effect is pleasing, and provides me with a new incentive to head trackside at passenger train time.

This going-away shot provides a good look at the bilingual Via 40 logo.
Coach Via 3350 is shown arriving at Cobourg, Ontario on train 50, Via 6425 E.  The action took place on March 03, 2018.

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