Thursday 8 March 2018

Throwback Thursday: A Hobby Promotion Courtesy of the Real Thing.

British Columbia Hydro Railway 7533 gets a roll-by inspection in London, Ontario on April 01, 1988.
By Peter Mumby.

I suspect that we've all seen photos of the Model Railroader logo on a real freight car, but here is a similar design on a car belonging to a relatively obscure railway.  This BC Hydro Railway car (BCH 7533) was photographed in London, Ontario on April 01, 1988.  In the photo a railway employee is doing a roll-by inspection while standing on the inside of the red and white crossing gate.  (How many of you remember when they were painted black and white?).  At this time BCH had a group of similar cars in a yellow/red scheme in the 6xx number series, but I don't know how many of these blue cars were on the roster.  I also have a shot of BCH 7611 bearing this special logo; I suspect there must have been others without the logo.  This logo promotes the 1985 PNR convention in Richmond, B.C. Refer to the close- up view.  I vaguely recall an HO scale MDC rendition of this car being offered complete with this PNR logo, but for some reason I resisted the urge to order one.  Opportunity missed!  Oh well, one more item to watch for at the next train show!

This close-up view of the same car shows that the logo was promoting the 1985 PNR convention of the NMRA.  Thanks to Don McQueen for engineering this scan.


  1. Hi George. I checked with some friends who were on the convention committee. BC Hydro did 21 cars with the convention logo. They had a contest looking for proof of the farthest car from Richmond (a suburb of Vancouver BC). The farthest spotted was delivering a shipment of lumber to a business in Florida. The convention sold both HO and N scale models of the cars. This was my first convention and it was great fun

    1. Thanks for the additional information Ken. Interesting to hear that many cars had been done. I know Peter will be delighted with this information...George