Monday 12 March 2018

Snapshot March 2018 - VIA 40 Part 2

Westbound VIA #71 just west of Ingersoll, Ont.
 Peter and I attended a WOD workshop on Saturday (more to come on that) as we approached Ingersoll we found VIA no.71 just west of town. Interesting to see a Canada 150 and VIA 40 coach included in the consist. Unfortunately the day was overcast and as the train approached a bit of sun broke through and of course we are on the wrong side of the tracks...George Dutka

A VIA 40 coach is seen viewing the English side band. The French lettering is seen in Peter's post of March 9, 2018.

A close-up look of the new banding with ghosting of the old Canada 150 lettering.

A going away view of the VIA 40 coach along with a Canada 150 trailing.

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