Friday 30 March 2018

Weathered Rolling Stock for the WRD

This is one of my personal favorites as I have a second identical car purchased the same day but with a motorized sound unit in it. Just need to swap the bodies and it will be good to go.
Back in November while helping Peter's Trains (Peter Mumby) at the Ancaster train show I ran across a lady selling off her late husband's collection of nicely weathered rolling stock. I went and got Peter as she was giving a deal on purchases of 10 cars. Peter and I each got five. I was told the cars are weathered by someone in Massachusetts, although no name was given. We both are happy to have gotten to this table for the first pick of these great looking cars. My contemporary summer time trains have a few more cars to pick up along the way. One of the nice things of having these cars is Peter and I now have some weathering inspiration for future projects of our own...George Dutka

Some great weathering on this hopper.
The rust streaking on this model is very nicely done.

My number 5 pick.


  1. Nice weathering on the freight cars, George. They look well used but not "beat to death' and rusty looking. These look like what I remember seeing when I worked for the railroad.