Tuesday 13 March 2018

WOD - Workshop

The group gathered around the weathering supply table as we got a quick tutorial of particular techniques and products. It was also the closest table to the coffee and donuts.
The Western Ontario Division of the NFR-NMRA held a workshop (which was only organized the week before) on Saturday emphasizing weathering. We all brought something needing weathering and a few tools of the trade (brushes). The WOD supplied tube oils,  Bragdon powders, a large selection of Pan Pastels, Rustall, Hunterline stain products and MIG products both liquid and powers. We had some expert advise available about the products and how to use it. Our WOD Superintendent Steve J. gave a couple hands on tutorials along the way. Peter and I had a handful of cars needing some sort of finish...we got through most of what we brought. A display table viewed completed past projects and of course past weathering projects. The day also included door prizes (everyone seemed to go home with something good) coffee and donuts. A fun morning were everyone learned something new...George Dutka

Some of the group had prototype photos and copies to work from.
A portion of the WOD collection of oils, paints powders and pastels that we could all try.
Peter and I had a table full of cars and weathering products to work with.
Peter caught me without my camera and it appears he used it on me.
Mike has scratch-built this lift bridge and spent the morning weathering it.
The morning begins with most of us having rolling stock to work on. One WOD member had an O scale model while another was working on some N scale engines.
These paint stains are a product that Peter and I have never tried. We gave all the different tones a try. I have a couple on my shopping list.
I completed 5 of the 6 cars I brought along to weather. A closer look at my models shortly.
The display table of past WOD projects and or whatever you wanted to show.

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