Tuesday 27 March 2018

Orangeville Station - The Barley Vine Rail Co.

Ex-Orangeville station March 24 2018.
 On Saturday evening I decided to try the Barley Vine Rail Co. which is a restaurant inside the ex-CPR station. When I drove by earlier the parking lot was pretty full so it appeared to be a good place to eat. All the tables were reserved so I was given a seat at the bar for dinner. They have their own line of draft but unfortunately they were out. It appears that beer is the first choice before dinner as I kept hearing the same story...all out till tomorrow. I was really surprised at the menu as most of meals featured a twist of old favorites such as pulled pork perogies fried with a Apple based BBQ sauce which includes bourbon. Duck fat fries, meat loaf wrapped in bacon and the list goes on. Everything is made in house including dips and ketchups. I had the meat loaf and duck fries which was maybe the best meatloaf I ever had. The home made ketchup was very tasty and extra came which went on top of my meatloaf. I did not have room for desert but it looked really good and all made in house.

The couple sitting next to me in the bar area had traveled maybe two hours to get here for dinner and was disappointed they were out of the home brew beer and the famous perogies...they had a great second choice. When I got back to the hotel I googled the restaurant which as I though listed a lot of great reviews and also a link to the show You Gotta Eat Here! which featured the perogies, meat loaf and desserts.One can clearly see why this place made the show. Link below to the restaurant. A return trip will be made another day...guess this is more of  restaurant review than a normal blog post...George Dutka

The Barley Vine Rail Co.

The Orangeville station is a larger structure than one would anticipate for this town.

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