Thursday, 15 March 2018

Throwback Thursday: Nobody's Perfect - Part Two

Years ago, Christmas visits with family always allowed for an hour or two at the CN/VIA station in Belleville, Ontario.  This car caught my attention on December 28, 1989.
By Peter Mumby

Back on the first of March I presented a post regarding lettering flaws on a CN boxcar of Railbox heritage.  Today's featured car follows - well, basically, the same description.

With the introduction of the CN noodle emblem in the 1960s it became standard practice to spell out the road name on freight cars, using the English spelling "Canadian" on one side and the French spelling "Canadien" on the other.  By the late 1980s many cars were being decorated without the spelled out road name;  in reviewing my photos of these 553xxx cars, the majority featured only data on the left side and the noodle emblem on the right.  So, when this car rolled past my camera in December of 1989, my interest was likely first captured by the presence of the road name.  I didn't notice the misspelling of the name until after the image had been exposed.  Unfortunately, without a photo of the other side of the car, we'll never know whether the error was committed in French or in English.  I guess we'll just have to call it a conversation piece, and leave it at that.

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  1. That's pretty funny. Looks like a freshly re-painted ABOX. Would make a good model using one of the Exactrail cars. I might have to look into doing that.