Friday 16 March 2018

New Cars for the White River Division Fleet

My finished Proto 2000 50' automobile boxcar is rolling along the WRD.
Two of the cars that I worked on last weekend at the WOD workshop are ready for service when the time changes to later era's.

The GTW car is a Front Range 40 foot boxcar that was partly assembled when I got it. I looked through Peter's and my photo collections and to my surprise I only found two photos of GTW 40' boxcars...they were taken in New England. So for now what the original modeler has done with this car will stay as-is. The modeler left the roof walk off but did not cut down the ladders, which was common during conversions. He also enlarged one door opening for an 8 foot door. The other side is still 6 foot. So the car currently has a 6 ft. door on one side and an 8 ft. door on the other. This might change when I get a bit more information.

I did add Herald King lube boxes and ACI labels by Walthers. The brakewheel was changed out with a Precision Scale No. 3247. I painted the wheels and trucks. The car included one 6 ft. door which I modeled open with some junk inside. For the 8 ft. door I dug into my parts box. I did have a blue door which had a similar colour. I held off weathering this door, making it a new addition to the car.

 The roof was painted acrylic silver and gray followed by some rust colours around the edges and panel corners. Rust spots are applied to the car sides. Some light gray PanPastels are then applied lightly to the whole car. The roof looked a bit too gray so I applied some blue chalk which looks a lot like GTW blue.

The 6 ft. door is modeled open. Note the lube box and ACI label.

The 8 ft. door is a new addition which looks a lot cleaner than the rest of the car.
The Photo 2000 50' auto boxcar came lettered for the CN. It may not be an exact match but a good stand in. I worked from a photo I had adding the ACI label under the noodle. I also removed the wooden roof walk and at one end removed the top ladder rungs to the side and ends as seen in the photo. The wheels got a coat of Floquil roof brown followed by some Bragdon powders to the trucks and wheels. Most of my cars just get a bit of weathering. Less is more when it comes to weathering for most of my fleet. Some acryics have been used along with Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark PanPastels for an overall coating. This PanPastel shade is a very close match to the body colour of the car. The captions tell the rest of the story...George Dutka

The weathering was done using acrylic colours rust red and bark brown by Anita's. These colours I found in a Michigan craft store for about 70 cents.
Some door scratch marks are added on both sides of the doors.
Removing the roof walk, adding an ACI label, and acrylic weathering added greatly to the final look of this car.
One can see I cut out the top rungs as seen on the prototype car.

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