Saturday 17 March 2018

CPR International of Maine Caboose

Peter and I each lettered a CPR caboose for the International of Maine division. Our models are seen in the WRJ yard.
Peter Mumby and I recently discussed caboose's used on the CPR route through Maine. One photo we both had seen sparked some interest for a caboose project this winter. A Phil Hastings photo of an International of Maine caboose was what I used to letter my caboose. Peter had additional views of this caboose in the book CP to the East. It appears that only one caboose was lettered for local service...or that is what we think till other photos appear. We normally like to model the same model but change the numbering. For this project the same number is used.

On my True Line Trains model I scraped off the numbering. The plastic is actually the body colouring so not a lot to hide. The Canadian Pacific appears to be in a good location. I used a CDS Int. of Maine Div. dry transfer from set no. 498. I had this lettering leftover from my 60' boxcar project. Peter supplied me with some numbering from leftover CDS CP caboose sets.

I also added Black Cat CPR storm doors and a Juneco conductor. Some light weathering was done using Bragdon dark rust on the sides and soot on the roof with some wall steaking.

Peter began his project with a CPR Juneco kit which had been built many decades ago. He removed the numbering and applied CDS International of Maine lettering and new numbering. He is looking at also adding a storm door...George Dutka

My True Line Trains model before I began removing the lettering and applying new lettering with the Phil Hastings photo from a G. McDonnell book. This photo was taken at Brownsville Jct. March 8, 1955. I purchased this caboose last fall from friend Don Pearce at the Woodstock train show. Don has taken his layout down and was downsizing his rolling stock collection.

My finished caboose placed on the photo from Omer Lavallee book CP to the East "the International of Maine Division"

Peter's Juneco model to the left and my TLT model on the right.
Peter's Juneco model with a bit of weathering applied.
My TLT model in the WRJ yard.
Peter's Juneco CP caboose kit with the numbering removed.

True Line Trains CPR caboose put to work on the White River Division.


  1. Hi George. The caboose look great. Thanks for the info on the storm doors, I will be ordering some from Black Cat. I was wondering why you didn't weather the wheels on you caboose. They look way to shiny?

    1. Good Point Ken I had forgotten about that...I kind of rushed this project at the end to get it posted this weekend...Peter's model has been here on the WRD for a couple of weeks already. Actually when I took the photos of mine the glue holding the conductor was still wet and he kept leaning over without having a drink. The caboose is back on my workbench tonight...George

    2. Thanks again for pointing the wheels out Ken...comments are always appreciated...George