Saturday, 31 March 2018

Two New Hopper Cars

Peter and I recently finished our coal car projects. These are RR flea market finds that got some updates and finishes.
One of the more recent projects Peter and I completed are two Athearn hoppers that had raised sided applied. Mine is done New Haven and Peter's Wabash. I used a combination set by Tichy while Peter dug into his decal collection. The models were weathered with Bragdon powders and PanPastels. I toned them down a bit with a light overspray of Floquil grimy black...George Dutka

This is how the cars looked like when I got home from a late fall railroad flea market. One car needed the ends cut down and a piece of styrene applied to form the top ledge. The other is missing one coupler. They had Pikestuff raised panels already installed.

My car is finished and ready for some weathering. We both replaced the brake wheel with Kadee # 2034 Champion brake wheel. My stirrups were replaced with Tichy #3042 and I bent uncoupling levers.

I added a few acrylic paint spots, Bragdon powders and PanPastels. The car at this point is looking a bit too weathered but I will shortly give the car an overspary of  grimy black.

Here are our two cars. Mine is finished with the overspray completed. Peter's car has just arrived and will also get a light overspray. Peter changed out his stirrups with some finer options from his parts collection. I really like how these finer steps look.
Both cars are now completed. Guess they best be sent off for another load of coal.

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