Saturday 17 February 2018

At the Bar Mills Clinic Booth - Springfield 2018

Jack Ellis built this water tank using individual stones he cast and cut to size. I thought this structure looked very realistic.
At Springfield I spent sometime sitting in at the Bar Mills clinic booth resting my feet and listening to what Jack Ellis had to say regarding structure construction. One can learn a lot even when a clinic is not happening. On my second sit down Jack was between clinics and showed us in the front row some of the structures and materials he uses to come up with his fine models. I took a few photos that I thought might be of interest. I kind of wished I took a longer rest break...George Dutka

The Bar Mills clinic table with many of Jack Ellis's projects.

Here is a great idea for a seaside building. When getting down to the lower rows Jack just glued on individual shingles in place giving the wall a really weather worn look.

This is aluminum duck tape that was applied to some roofing. A really neat can find this at the dollar store.
Here we see the aluminum duck tape on a finished structure.

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