Sunday 11 February 2018

Enfield, Ct.

I am standing on the Enfield, Ct. station platform looking north. An interesting structure that could make a good modeling candidate is seen on the west side of the tracks.
 On my way back to the hotel from the Springfield show I made a quick stop at Donut Dip for one of their great donuts and a coffee. I took the freeway from there passing the Vermonter just leaving the Springfield station. I thought I might be able to outrun it to Enfield, turnoff and only a short distance off the freeway to the old station site. Well I guess I did not do so well as I got out of my car I could hear the Vermonter blowing for a crossing a short distance past my location. Just not quick enough. While there I thought I would take a few photos of the interesting brick building across from were the station once sat. Enfield has some really nice photo locations as there are many open areas right next to the track in an area that is rather quite with ample parking.

A bit more about the Enfield station site. It is proposed that a new platform and shelter will be built in a few years. The site was once called Thompsonville till about early 1981 when it was renamed Enfield. The station in bad shape by then was taken down in early 1983 with passenger service ending in Oct.  1986 ...George Dutka

A web site view of  the station looking north during January 1980.

A street-side view looking north.

A look south...note the boarded up windows which would be great if modeled.
My first stop after leaving the train show was for one of their great donuts. Their apple fritters are a good choice as recommended by my friend Andy. A retro looking  donut joint in West Springfield.


  1. Hi George, the large building behind the station is the former Bigelow Carpet Mill, I believer that even had there own switcher there at one point.

    Jim Fellows

    1. Hi Jim:
      I noted that large complex on my visit. It appears to be apartments now and well kept. I can see it would have had a switcher at some point, thanks for sharing...George

  2. Hey George,
    The "Dip" is almost a must stop to or from Springfield. My folks live north of there in South Deerfield.

    Best Scott

    1. Hi Scott:
      I also stopped there for another coffee and donut on my way out of town the next sure is a nice treat for a long ride home...George