Friday 9 February 2018

Fading Rolling Stock - Proto-Paint

Two identical cars seen with Haze and one out of the box.
Flat Haze (330006) Proto-Paint offered by Rapido is an acrylic paint that tones and flattens the look of new models. I first learned about this paint from friend Roger Chrysler who works a couple of days a week at Credit Valley Railroad Co. (hobby shop). Roger does some of their custom work and pointed out this paint as a weathering option. On a visit to Credit Valley he showed me an engine he just completed for a customer that had maybe three coats of haze applied. I was really impressed and purchased a bottle. It has taken me six months though to get around to trying it out as I do less and less air brush work every year.

I had no problems applying the paint. I used 30psi of air and no thinning. It sprayed on well and dried in about 10-15 minutes. They suggest 24 hours before masking. To get a good faded look one needs at least two coats. Each coat takes away from the crisp look of the details something to think about while coating. So far I have only used two coats but will try more coats on a practice shell. A jar of paint should be good to do maybe 6-8 cars. It really depending on the number of coats...George Dutka

The roofs on these cars was given a coat of flat finish fallowed by a coat of India ink-alcohol mix. Two coats of haze is sued to weather the car. Below are a sampling of other Proto-Paint colour offered by Rapido.

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