Saturday 10 February 2018

CNR Shell - Proto Paint Haze

An engine I tested Rapido's Proto-Paint haze on. This engine got two coats and will get some additional powders and acrylics shortly.
I thought I would take a few photos of this Athearn CN geep shell that got two coats of haze, showing you how it looks at each stage. I have just finished my jar of haze and I got 14 coats out of it. I may have been heavy with the first few coat...suggestion get a second jar....George

About a minute after coating one can see it has a really milky appearance.

The milky appearance is beginning to disappear about 5 minutes after application.

The shell about 15 minutes after application. One can see most of the milky look has cleared. Best to leave it for 24 hours before handling and masking.

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