Sunday 11 February 2018

Springfield Station

Springfield union station entrance January 26, 2018.
The day before I attended the trains show in West Springfield I stopped in at the station to see what might be around. A NECR engine was shoving it's train across the Connecticut River clearing the signals at the station platform. Once clear it headed south, I am assuming to Hartford. There was two Amtrak trains laying over with no crew on board.

A $94 million renovation project restored the former Springfield Union Station which was reopened in late June 2017 as a regional transit hub not only featuring Amtrak service, but serving as the new hub for the bus system in the area. There even is a Dunkin's inside. There is a mention of a commuter rail system that maybe coming in the future. On my visit the station looked in great shape and I wished I had gone inside...George Dutka

An overall view of Union Station in Springfield, Ma.
A NECR engine finished shoving a short train clear of the signals before departing south. The Amtrak train is laying over.

A look towards track 1 and 2. I think the NECR engine is on a track beyond the end platform track.
Another short train stored on the stub end track at the east end of the station.


  1. A note regarding your observation of the NECR power at the Springfield station - those would be on loan to the Connecticut Southern, which like the NECR, is owned by Genessee & Wyoming. The CSOR has the fright rights from Springfield south to New Haven along Amtrak.

  2. Thanks for the additional information...George