Friday 23 February 2018

New Haven, Vermont - Rutland Ry. Station

The Rutland Ry station is almost done. The windows and doors are installed and walls are weathered a bit.
I finished the New Haven station a couple of months ago and thought I would share with you how it all worked out. I painted the windows, doors and underside of the roof a mix of two acrylic paints. The walls got sprayed with automotive red primer. All parts then got a coat of India ink alcohol mix. The windows are a poor fit and needed some filling with canopy cement. The concrete base and chimney cap are painted with Anita's acrylic rainy day captions tell more of the story...George Dutka

The underside of the roof is painted green along with doors and windows. It is a mix of these two colours. Nothing has to be exact as PanPastel green with blend it all together.

Anita's gray is used for the concrete stonework.  The ribbed roofing is flipped over so a smooth surface can be used for attaching shingles.

The station is complete except for the roofing and chimney. Flat finish coated glazing will be added.

The shingles are Minuteman Models stock Slade roofing with some highlighted with Floquil SP gray.

The sign is copied from one of my photos. The plywood is cut from leftover wood from my rcently completed ITLA kit.

The 1950's side of the station. There are a few things I did not add such as the end door that is seen in many photos from this era. The station did and still has an order board which protrudes out through the roof. I would have had to make a hole on each side and add an order board. Thinking that might have looked funny with two holes and order boards. So I just left it alone. The station also had some nice downspout angles that I may add at a later date.

The New Haven sign is a copy of the original from a 1950's photo.

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  1. You sure did a nice job on what looks to be a fairly straightforward kit. It looks great George.