Monday 5 February 2018

60' Double Door Boxcars - International of Maine

Two CP double door cars cross the White River on the WRD.
I finished a couple of Robin's Rails 60' double door kits recently. I did post about the single door car built a few years ago. One car was assembled and painted when purchased, the other was an original kit needing assembly. I used a photo from Peter Mumby to letter one car and just the CDS set for the other...George Dutka

Work is underway. The wheels need to be painted. The painted panels are all done with a brush and craft store acrylic bottled paint.

The finished cars ready for a coat of flat finish and some weathering.

The CDS set applied as the boxcar would have appeared when first built. I did add some PanPastel weathering to tone down the colouring and streaked the lettering. This car was assembled with short ladders and brake wheel on low platform...different than my other model.
CPAA 60' double door boxcar with the high ladder still applied as built. This was how I modeled one of my cars. Peter Mumby photo. There was no date for this photo.

Some of the patching added as seen on Peters photo. The ladders are left tall at the brake end.
The other side with short ladders and some weathering.

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