Friday 2 February 2018

ITLA - Olympia Tool and Die

The ITLA Olympia Tool and Die kit built as a building flat. The sign got a Canadian RED ROSE tea ad which was probably from the 1970's.
The Olympia Tool and Die kit is now finished as a building flat. I thought I would give you a look at the finished project. I will cover the construction at a later date. It went together very easy and was a pleasure to build...George Dutka

An overall look at my building flat.

Although finished this side door will get a security wire gate doorway from another kit. The outside plumbing is a Chooch detail part I added. Peter is also using one for his kit.

I am still going to add a ladder to the side of the loading door. The interior details kit is an option that one can purchase from ITLA. The overhang is a leftover from a Bar Mills kit. Some additional newspapers are added. ITLA skids are a model assembly that is easy to do and are really nice when done. The kit includes a nice amount of these. At the WOD meet Nick was handing out extra packages of these which included a ladder.

I used only a portion of the signs included. The kit also included two power meters.

The roof got a lot of interesting details. Most are included with the kit.

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