Tuesday 13 February 2018

CN Athearn Geep

Two old Athearn Geep's cross the White River. They look like they are moving along well...to tell you the truth they are not doing all that well as they are both dummy units.
This CN model was in Peter Mumby's collection for a number of years (or decades) before he decided to thin his engine stock down a bit. Although I don't collect Athearn engines these days this engines detailing was nice and assembled well. I thought I could use this unit for experimenting with my haze paint and other acrylic weathering techniques since the price was below affordable...don't want to practice on my new Rapido engines. So what do you think?   George Dutka

What I used to weather this engine. The haze has been already applied.
The only detail I added was the step lights. Some gloss coat is applied to the fuel tank, and running boards were oil would have leaked from. The exhaust stacks got some oily soot down the sides.

Most of the details that originally was added are from Juneco.


  1. They look like well used engines to me. I notice the rusting where the body meets the walkway, and the frame sill beneath the cab Nice.


  2. I think it looks great George. I've been a fan of first generation engines for a long time. I can smell the diesel fuel from where I sit !!

  3. Thanks Scott...one of my favorite engines also and spent a lot of time on them in my early years with CN...George

  4. Looks like a well used engine to me! I notice the rust where the frame sill meets the body. Looks real good.