Saturday 3 February 2018

USRA Comosite Gondola - InterMountain Ry. Co.

The car as it looked when I got home and out of the box. One coupler was missing.
Last fall I picked up this car with the interior laser cut wood inserts installed. I gave this wood a coat of Hunterline creosote and Floquil grime. The sides got some acrylic rust and PanPastels. The car was done in less than a hour...George Dutka

A look inside the car. Some rust is painted on the ends and side. The floor is Hunterline stain and Floquil grime wash. I added some fine limestone and a few scraps of wood.

As one can see I really weathered the car up. I just realized the brake wheel needs to be changed out...looking at photos of ones work really helps out. I may still tone down the rust with an overspray of Floquil grimy black. Under the bright lights on my desk the weathering shows much more than on the layout.

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