Wednesday 14 February 2018

Sidebar Blog Addition's - Conrail's Onondaga Cutoff

I spent today cleaning up the sidebar a bit. Peter Mumby mentioned there are a few blogs that have not posted in a I took some off leaving room for a few that I find interesting. First off I have added Dave Abeles blog to my list. If the name seems familiar it might be because he had a nice article published in the current Model Railroad Planning. I was impressed with his sidebar feature "Remote Dispatching", you might want to read up on this aspect of Dave's layout.

I have added two Canadian blogs to my lists. Confessions of a Train Geek which views many great photos posted by Steve Boyko and Rymal Station in HO Scale with more Canadian railroading postings by Peter MacCauley...George Dutka

Conrail's Onondaga Cutoff

Confessions of a Train Geek

Rymal Station in HO Scale

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