Sunday 18 February 2018

What's in the Box - No. 29

All the material is laid out for inspection. I find the instructions minimal and the printing a bit small for my old eyes.
N Scale Architect Conway roundhouse kit is a structure I am building for my friend Gary Pembleton. This will be my third N Scale Architect kit I have worked on. The last one worked on by Peter and I was very trying as it was very hard to cut through the material and remove from the sheeting. This kit appears to be the same. The other big problem is the walls are warped and needs a lot of bracing. Will see how it goes. I have just finished an O scale gas station and now am working on this N scale kit...thinking I should have done the N scale kit first...George Dutka

Some of the laser cut sheeting is really hard to cut though and I am thinking I will be using a lot of blades. This particular sheet is not bad to cut through. It is all the trim required.

The wall, door and support sheets are the really tough lumber.

The two part base is glued together and will be painted shortly. The end wall needs a lot of bracing to get the warps out as seen in the photo. No bracing is included.
Two views of a completed kit on display this year at Springfield.

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