Monday, 17 February 2020

A Look Back at a few Structures

A Rutland Car Shops section house set on a Gatorfoam base that I interchange from time to time on the layout.
I took a few photos the other day of structures near my workbench. Some are interchangable into the WRD while others are just waiting a new home...maybe during a rebuild...George Dutka

A Full Steam Ahead model I built back in 2013. I did a post on this structure back then. A neat looking old time fuel station.
The other end of the structure were I have included a coke machine and pump jockey.
Another drop-in that is a Rutland Car Shops kit of the North Dorset, Vt. section house on the Rutland Ry.
The back wall is pretty plain. I scratch-built the train order signal from a prototype photo of the location.
I covered this structure and location a few years back. The prototype  is restored in northern Vermont while this is a Creative Laser Design kit. I took a photo of the sign on the original station and reduced it down on a color photocopier to HO.
The backside of Inwood. This was a simple build that works well for someone just getting into laser kit building.
I altered the roof of an Atlas station to emulate one that would have stood on the Rutland Ry. It is another drop-in.

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