Sunday 16 February 2020

AK Pencils

The AK pencil 5 pack are a better deal than purchasing them separately.
I found these two photos on line of AK pencils used to weather this barrel. There is no note to scale or who did the work. I am thinking it is bigger than HO scale, at least O scale. It shows what one can do with these pencils. Now to find the rust tone pencils. I saw some of the five packages of pencils in my local hobby shop but not the rust colours I am looking for...George Dutka

A barrel done with AK pencils that I found on the internet.
Currently I have four pencils. They can be put on dry or wet the tip for a different look. One can also apply the pencil tones and then brush some water over the marks which makes them run and bleed. Too much water will take the effects away.
I just run the pencil over the ladder rungs for another weathering effect.
Some of the AK colours available.
I used dust/rainmarks between some of the boards to highlight my weathering effects. Half of the bridge to the left has the AK pencil effects. This is an On30" railroad covered bridge I purchased already built but in the need of some weathering. I found this bridge included in a featured layout article some years ago in the Narrow Gauge Gazette. I hope to include it on my On30" module. More on this bridge shortly on my narrow gauge blog.
I decided to try the dust and rainmarks pencils on this GT hopper. I just ran them down the seams and down form the side joints. I kind of like the effects.
This car is my first attempt using an AK pencil and it worked out pretty well. The more I have been using them the better the effects have been.

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