Monday, 24 February 2020

B&M Brookside Milk Car

My B&M Overland Models which I painted a base coat of Floquil tuscan red followed by a light overcoat of  a 50-50 mix of  Floquil tuscan and caboose red. The lettering is from Concord Junction (c1985) No. 8511-8501. The billboard placard is a colour photocopy of the decal reduced to 90%.

A bit more on the B&M milk cars  that was also used by the Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery. I have included my brass model, a F&C kit I have to build and a newer version of the F&C kit. I also have an older F&C kit that is very nicely built by the late Bob Bowes that he had painted way to bright and I will have to figure out a way to tone it down a bit...George Dutka

John Hajnosz sent me this photo of his F&C B&M milk car kit that is a new offering through Willyma Hobbies. It is a finer looking model from the one I purchased decades ago which cost $50.

The finished Willyma Hobbies F&C kit from their web site.
The kit box.
Springfield 2020. Note each car has two Brookside billboard placard mounted at the ends.
One of Don Janes Railworks models.
This is my Overland model with the B&M lettering. On the other side I modeled the billboard style. So I have both styles on one car.
My old F&C B&M  kit. This is the mechanical version. The resin is very hard to sand and drill holes into.
This is one of the old F&C kits built by Bob Bowes. I purchased it from his estate. Bob has done a great job building the model, unfortunately he painted it a bright red. Now to figure how I can tone it down.

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