Tuesday 11 February 2020

Ektachrome and Retro-Chrome Slide Film

I would not have expected to see all this film in 2020.
I got a bit of a blast from the past while visiting Montreal last month. I went into a camera store in old Montreal and found a scene I had not seen in over a decade. A variety of 35mm film behind the sales counter. As I walked around the store there was everything one would need for developing the film, paper and so on. I have saved my 35mm camera but I am not sure I will be going back to using Ilford and Kodak products. I was surprised to see the return of Ektachrome. Another slide product I noted that is available on line when I checked is RetroChrome.

Last year FPP introduced a brand new "retro" film stock called FPP RetroChrome. Purchased from a US Government auction and shipped from an underground "cold vault," this color slide film has been producing amazing results!

Film Photography Project RetroChrome is government surplus high speed Eastman Kodak Ektachrome color positive film. Made for industrial and governmental applications, Kodak adds “it is color reversal camera film that is intended for photography under daylight illumination. Among its many applications are news photography, sporting events and industrial photography.” The film is cold-stored, 2004 expiration. The film performs excellent at it’s intended box speed of 400 iso which leads us to believe that this film has been stored in the “deep freeze” for the past decade.

A good supply of photo paper.

Old Montreal


  1. Few years back i sold all my digital gear to fund a complete overhaul of my grandfathers M4 Leica. Have learnt more about photography since then compared to 10 years previous. Shoot mainly B&W fils due to the cost of developing colour and then the even higher cost of slide film. One day i will go to printing in a darkroom with his old equipment and run some prints of old Australian steam.
    Would love to have a shop like that closer then 1000kms away. Bet the prices aren't what you used to pay.

  2. Your correct the prices are high and not sure what the developing costs are. They have a web site it you google the name on the stores sign. I used to develop my own B&W. I have hundreds of B&W negatives that I have still to print...now days I am scanning them into my computer. Boy how times have changed...George