Monday, 10 February 2020

Constructing the FOS Derito's Meat Market - Part One

The basic construction is done. The roof edges are painted black and also any of the overhang. The concrete base is painted an acylic gray and white mix to resemble concrete. These are all dollar store paints. PanPastels with be used later to highlight the concrete sidewalks.
The first offering by FOS for the Kit-of-the-month club was Derito's meat market. I posted my completed photos awhile ago but here is how it went together and was finished. Part two tomorrow...George Dutka

I used an acrylic spray paint on the construction paper for roofing. Cut into 3 foot wide strips it will be ripped to resemble worn roofing and some sanding will be required. I did not like acrylic paint for this job as it soaked in while lacquer paint drys quickly on the surface.
Once I stained all the walls inside and out with alcohol and india ink mix I used chalk and Bragdon powders in the yellow tones to paint the walls.
For the small side structure, windows and trim I used PanPastel green for colouring.
I felt the front wall along the bottom was pretty flimsy since it is made up of windows and doors that are very thin and just glued together. Once the glaze and paper insert is applied I added a nice thick brace along the bottom.
The finished roofing along with some junk applied. The kit was short a window and I did not have any on hand. I just boarded it up as it was on the rear wall.

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