Tuesday 11 February 2020

Constructing the FOS Derito's Meat Market - Part Two

Not all the signs I used are included in the kit. I used these three from a BEST general store kit.
Once I finished the structure I took a good look at it and decided to add a few more details which I noted on the photos captions...George Dutka

This is how the kit looked before I went a bit further with detailing. I like how the roofing turned out even though the spray paint was not my first choice. Each sheet of rolled roofing had some weathered edges. The joints are highlighted with Bragdon powders.
I decided to add some BEST pigeons and a window mounted air conditioner to the second floor. I rusted it up a lot. The lower area of the structure is sponged with some weathered texture paint.
The crate, barrel, garbage can and fire hydrant are include with the kit. I also added a few loose newspapers. The interior view is also included with the kit. I rusted up the sign using AK products.
This view is an upgrade from the one above. I added a F&C crate a wiener dog since it is a sausage house and an awning made from construction paper using pinking sheers.
An overall view of the finished building.

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