Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Adding a Wreck to a Scene

Looking at how the garage roof looks now...thinking it might land up on the workbench for a better supported roof. I built this structure maybe a decade ago and at that time I did not brace things as well as I do now. Close up photos really gives one a chance to judge ones work.
Found a spot on the layout for my wreck...who knows...they guys may fix it...George Dutka


  1. George,
    The addition of the "wreck" to the scene works nicely. As for the building's sagging roof: supported, straight roofs seem to be the norm on layouts. Why not a sagging roof if the situation warrants it? This scene almost begs for a less-than-square building and roofline.

    I've enjoyed and taken inspiration from your blog since discovering it a few months ago (and since taking those slow, initial steps into the hobby, hoping to model northern New England as well).

    Barry Dean

    1. Hi Barry:
      Yes I guess I can just leave it. Will have to take a closer look at the scene again...thanks...George