Tuesday 18 February 2020

Brookside Milk Cars

A pair of B&M milk cars on Don's Green Mountain Route.
Last August while visiting Don Janes I took a few photos of his nicely painted B&M Brookside milk car. These are brass models that I would love to have also...George Dutka

A few Brookside milk cars were converted to mechanical equipped units.

This fleet had a mix of plain finished or billboard applied cars.


  1. Hello George. They are available from Wilyma Hobbies in kit form made out of resin, one piece body.

  2. Thanks for sharing...I actually have an un-built F&C kit of the mechanical version for over 20 years but would really like a brass one. I have the other version in brass already...George

    1. Don actually had built both of these models years ago from F&C kits but sold them when he got these two brass models...George