Saturday, 8 February 2020

What's in the Box No. 39

The August Kit-of-the-month.
This is one of the newer offerings (or in the second grouping) in the kit-of-the-month by FOS. Called Kruiswyk Coal I really like the looks of this small structure. There are a lot of locations such a structure could fit into. I actually finished this structure in a few short afternoons this week. The instruction drawings are clear and I actually did not need to read the instructions, just follow the photos. The only draw back was the two Tichy windows that are required were not included in the kit. I did have a metal cast window I cut down and used. Out of the last four FOS kits I have built two have been missing parts...if you have some FOS kits put away for future use maybe open them up and check if all is there...George Dutka

All the laser cut walls, roof and details are seen here. A cool coal stencil is also included which can be used on other structures down the road.
Laser cut doors and one window is included on the same sheet as the stairway.

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