Sunday 23 February 2020

A Walthers D&H Boxcar

This particular D&H boxcar was only on the line for 13 years and would not have got to rusty. This is the cleaner of the two sides just some colorless blender.
This is a Walthers boxcar that Peter gave me last month. I borrowed a D&H equipment book  from Peter that had a photo I could refer to. This car was part of an order delivered to the D&H in 1965. They were leased from North American Cars. These cars left the roster in 1978. Car no. 28031 was freshly painted and on display at the Alco plant in 1974....George Dutka.

After a coat of flat finish I applied a coat of india ink-alcohol mix to weather the silver roof. I applied a ACI decal to a location I found in a photos of this car series.
The ends got a spray bomb coat of flat black. For the end numbers I used a Tichy decal set that included D&H numbers and letters.
This side got a bit of extra rust applied which is acrylic paints and AK colouring. The other side was just dusted with PanPastel colorless blender.
This car had a rare outline version of the D&H herald.

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