Sunday, 9 February 2020

Trainfest- MZ&D Layout

A layout setup across from our workspace was a scale 2 miles long.
I was watching a MRH video, Sept 2019 What's Next when I saw Dave Scharnhorst's layout which Don and I saw at Trainfest. This reminded me that I had planned on sharing some views of his layout. It is called the MZ&D named with his son's in mind. Called the Matt, Zak & Dad layout it is a 60' long HO scale loop that is two scale miles long. The average width of the modules are one foot and the whole layout fits in the back of Dave's pickup truck. Now that is quite a feat. It has some neat animated scenes that are worth checking out in the video. Being children friendly the height is set at 36". The layout is now about 27 years old and has been to 84 shows. It really does not show its age...George Dutka

The layout was actually a station stop for the young ones trying to earn their engineer certificate. Dave likes running anything N&W.
I really liked the looks of this old garage that is well beyond its service station days.
The layout had some interesting little scenes on each module.

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