Sunday, 2 February 2020

Rutland Car Shops - Sandhouse

This is the location the sand house will be set. I will raise it up on a piece of gatorfoam with some weeds and other details applied. The Bellow Falls co-op Creamery is in the background.
At the 2019 NERPM meet I picked up a Rutland Ry. sand house model kit. It is an old offering and of a standard Rutland Ry. design. I thought it would work for my Bellows Falls scene. As it turned out when I checked photos it is similar but not exact. I though of a kit-bash to get the proper look but it would have been better to scratch-build. I just built the kit as intended and will it anyhow...George Dutka

The kit out of the package. A very simple structure to build.
As one can see all the parts are very warped. I used Walthers Goo and gatorfoam to brace the side walls. The end walls are OK. This is a 20 year or older kit so no surprise that some warping has occurred.
Some more clamping.
I made a new styrene roof and layered construction paper tar paper roofing sheeting. The building got a coat of Camo coat dark brown then a good coat of PanPastel black. Some gray's are used as highlights.
I made the sand hose out of wire and hangers as seen on the prototype in Bellows Falls.
A smoke stack is added as on the prototype.


  1. Nice work on the shed George. Looks great. Cheers. Wayne