Thursday, 27 February 2020

Throwback Thursday - A St. Albans Interlude

CV 1509 and 1510 team up to pull a cut of cars out of the St. Albans yard on July 16, 1986.  Keeping it all in the family, the first car up in the consist is bulkhead flat DWC 605209.
By Peter Mumby.
My one and only visit to the Central Vermont at St. Albans, Vermont, occurred on July 16, 1986.  Two of the locomotive models I encountered on that occasion are featured in today's post.  CV 1509 and 1510, railroad class GR-12j, were SW-1200 units built 4/57 by EMD for the Grand Trunk Western.  CV 3613, class MR-18a, was an RS-11 built by ALCO in 9/56 for Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific.

Here is one for the modellers.  Just like the real railroads, we all have at least one locomotive that we just can't get to run properly.  Apply a little weathering, remove the battery box covers, place on a shop truck, and voila - a nice little static mini scene!


  1. It is interesting to see that the front power truck on 3613 has been removed for repair and replaced by a freight car truck.

  2. Hi Ken:
    Not sure the story on that one...I think it sat there like that for a long time...George