Saturday, 29 February 2020

Foster's - Milk can loading station at the end of a spur.

An overall view of the end of the creamery spur which at the moment houses two Borden's milk loading facilities. This was a marble quarry till yesterday afternoon.
I have made a few changes to the layout over the last couple of weeks. I still plan to revamp the track plan but there will be some trackage that will remain the same. I just want them to look different.The marble quarry has been at the end of this spur since about 2004 and I think it is about time for a change.

I just finished another FOS kit-of-the-month which is the Foster's Milk station. I liked how it looked when I held it alongside the track at the end of my spur where a marble loading area is. It was a very easy afternoon changeover. I removed the crane, office, marble loads and some ground details. I just dropped the milk station in place with a few details around the base and all is well. There is another Borden's creamery on the spur which will shortly be removed once a feed mill is completed.

More on how I built the milk station shortly...George Dutka

This FOS kit came with a stencil  which adds this nice looking sign.
Both walls are modeled differently. This is a copy of an original Borden's sign found along the D&H. I just turn the structure around when a different look is due.
Looks like a good load of milk cans are ready for pickup. The other creamery handles bulk loading.

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