Monday 9 March 2020

A meeting of the minds.

The gang, Robin on the left and on the right is Clare Gilbert from Sylvan Scale Models, Glen Annis, Bill Badger, Andy Greenlees and Ian Stronach. Some of the gang is hidden.
The Friday of Springfield a gang of 10 gathered at the W. Springfield Outback. This is an annual thing for whoever can make it. There was seven of us from Canada, two from the US and one from England. At the end of the evening Robin from England stood up and said since there are 8 of us from the commonwealth maybe we should toast the Queen. There is a first time for everything...George Dutka

At the other end of the table hidden in the photo above is on the right Peter Mumby, Derek Osborn of Osborn Models and his wife. Of course you can't see me as I am hiding behind the lens. On the left once again is Ian Stronach, Andy Greenlees and Bill Badger waving.

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  1. What a motley looking crew again this year George. Doesn't look like Bill is having an anchovie sundae this year