Saturday 28 March 2020

This and That - Part Two

A look at my Bellows Falls yard as it looked on Thursday. The area between the Rutland Ry. yard and the main line finally got detailed earlier this month. First time I actually worked on the layout in a year. I spent about a week re-detailing areas that will stay as-is during a rebuild. I will give you a closer look at it shortly.
I did a "This and That" post at the beginning of the month covering items that I thought was too little for a post of its own. I have a bit of backlog of items I thought I would share so a part two is seen today...check back later there will be a second and third post. There is a lot to show you today...George Dutka

Since Peter and I were in St. Thomas visiting Brian Smith we decided to see if we could time our visit to the arrival of the OSR. This was March 13, 2020. Note the first car is CN relettered for GTW.
A better look at the GTW car. I wonder if a day will ever come when tagging is a thing of the past.
Jim Sloan squared up a sign from a photo I took and is making a sign for his layout door...kind of a neat idea.
At Trainfest back in November Don pointed out the details that Tangent offered. He has been using their uncoupling levers which he really likes. I decided to pick up a couple packages also.
Kevin Smith sent me this photo of WRJ looking south from the station. Look at the big loads on the baggage wagons...if you overloaded yours on the layout it would look silly. Some of the distant details and structures can be seen far off along the wye.
While visiting Brian Smith a few weeks back Ron McCormick another modeler in our round robin club mentioned a CP Rail caboose  Jim Sloan weathered for him. A few days later he sent me these two photo. Jim you did a great job.
The other side of Ron's caboose that Jim Sloan weathered.

This 1959 photo taken on Dundas St. London views a garage that is next to the CN-CP interchange spur. At one time some of the local filling stations also included a diner or lunch counter....kind of a neat thing to model. I did a post on Flanagans a while back and one can see it in the background. Oh by the way in Parkhill, Ont. they just finished a gas station lunch counter rebuild. One can find Clare Gilbert of Sylvan Models there on occasion grabbing a bite. Just look for his antique pickup truck in the parking lot.
This photo came to me from Bruce Douglas this week. It appears this safety inspection car was spotted in the Brantford, Ont. yard on March 21, 2020 by James Gardiner.
A Paul Dunn photo that is undated but the lettering on the side mentions rebuilt 9-39 and 8-54 having other work being done. Bob Bowes collection. Note this car has grabs along the right side while car below has ladders attached.

This car was built in 11-1929 and this photos must be after 3-59 as noted on the car. Paul Dunn photo, Bob Bowes collection.


  1. A potpourri of photos! Thanks for sharing.
    More on those CNA/GTW boxcars here:

  2. Thanks very much George. I like the "expanded metal" covering the windows.


    1. Your welcome Jim...some nice modeling...George